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Privacy Policy

1, We are a web and software company providing web and software related service to our customers.

2, Our services and paid packages are valid for it's period and subject to renewal of the packages

3, Refund option is available for any paid packages within 7 days of the package. Domain, Hosting, Theme Purchase and other payments to paid online promotions are excluded from the refund options, because once we purchase a domain or hosting or paid to any social media channels, we will not get refund from them. So kindly keep that in mind before signing contract with us. Only our services and our products we can offer 7 days refund policy.

4, We are not at all resposible for any content or images posted in our platform through user account. Images, logo and content showing in this website and templates are for demo purpose and not for commercial sale. We are selling web spaces, softwares, hosting account and website buidling software in the website templates.

5, As a spam free policy, we are removing all the content which is illegal or subject to copy right or sexually abusing, defaming brand or person.

6, We have the full right to accept or rejects content, images or web pages.

7, We have the right to remove or modify contents or images without prior notices to users.

8, We are not collecting any payment information regarding our customers.

9, We use payment gateway to receive payment from our customers with the pages provided by the payment gateway service provider.

10, Customer should be cautious while making payment, if the payment failed or success they will get alert from the payment gateway company.

11, If the payment is successful and you didn't get the service you can contact us for refund.

12, Laws, terms and conditions of Indian digital and IT ecosystem is applicable to our policies.

13, We have the right to modify or add new terms and conditions at any time without prior notices.